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  • 22nd February 201422/02/14
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Note: The deadline for applications has now passed, but we will consider innovative solutions to these challenges in future rounds as well.

Learn more about the 9 challenges identified by our Apparel and Textile industry partners, and get started on your breakthrough solution.

Winning ideas will be chosen for the Disrupt Unlimited seed accelerator.

Click here to see the challenge briefings on these challenges:

1.      To obtain machine operator absenteeism information in advance of the start of the shift and improve productivity by 50% in the first hour of work

2.      To eliminate current manual data entry and fully automate the entire customer order creation process

3.      To create a fully integrated bra cup solution

4.      To develop wash-free fabrics that do not attract dust, dirt, or get wet, are comfortable and durable to wear, and do not require laundering to stay clean

5.      To eliminate manual trim card preparation and automate the creation process

6.      To eliminate different thread colours used in apparel manufacturing

7.      To eliminate colour shading in fabric

8.      To eliminate width and weight inconsistency of fabric

9.      To develop a self-powered wearable device that seamlessly integrates textiles and electronic elements to create a garment that is both washable and wearable.


We’re looking for game-changing ideas that have the potential to disrupt the Apparel/Textile/Accessories industries. Winners will have the opportunity to commercialize their ideas through Disrupt Unlimited’s 4-month seed accelerator, which offers startups seed funding, experienced advisors, industry-specific mentors, practical workshops, networking opportunities, work space, legal & administrative services, and more.


Innovators from every background and every corner of the globe.

  • ONLINE COMPETITION: Innovators around the globe can participate remotely in this challenge.  To pitch your breakthrough idea, simply fill out an application online by April 30th for a chance to start up through Disrupt Unlimited’s seed accelerator.

Email us at if you have any questions about the challenges.

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